McCalls 6713 and O! Jolly knits!!

I finally got around to blogging about McCalls 6713. It feels like I made it eons ago. I know it's been worn a ton since it came off the sewing machine. It's made out of a knit- another animal print- surprise! What's funny- and you'll know this if you've been reading my blog long enough...I … Continue reading McCalls 6713 and O! Jolly knits!!

Stitch ‘n Save Dress update

This pattern I've chosen was chosen an easy pattern on purpose. I've said it many times before, but with the fit learning curve I'm on, I need a simple easy to sew pattern so that the little time I have can be spent learning how to do alterations. I get to learn new techniques with … Continue reading Stitch ‘n Save Dress update

Thinking About Spring!

I bought this pattern thinking it would be perfect for where I am as a sewer. It's got basic lines and I need something that's quick and easy to sew since I spend so much time altering the bodice to fit. I had been thinking about this pattern and have been considering doing it up … Continue reading Thinking About Spring!