My Feather Mission (actually a) Maxi!

I've made Jamie Christina's Mission Maxi a bunch of times. I love the fit and just how easy it is to finish- the beauty of knits! We have this feather knit in the dress shop and I knew I wanted to make the Mission Maxi out of it. I bought 3 yards and, really, should … Continue reading My Feather Mission (actually a) Maxi!

Nautical Renfrew Mission (not a) Maxi

Once again, I'm here with a Mission not-a-maxi dress. I first made one when I was visiting Gillian last year and I have yet to make the full maxi dress. I just keep making the short version. Not quite a mini but definitely nowhere near a maxi. Then it got chilly and I had bought … Continue reading Nautical Renfrew Mission (not a) Maxi

Me-Made-May and my Mini Mission Maxi

That was a LOT of M's! It must be May! You may remember the "not a Mission Maxi" I made several months ago...I love this pattern. It's quick and easy to fit! For this second version, I did take it in around the hips because my first one, while a great fit, is a little … Continue reading Me-Made-May and my Mini Mission Maxi

Renfrew on a Mission!

  I have been on a mission to make a sweater knit dress and I finally figured out how to do it! After making my first Mission Maxi, I realized I wanted the shaping of that dress but with regular t-shirt shoulders, armholes and of course I really wanted long sleeves! So, I took the … Continue reading Renfrew on a Mission!

My Mission (not a) Maxi dress!

   This is the Mission Maxi by Jamie Christina, my new favorite tank style dress. I did mod it a bit, thanks to Gillian's suggestions while I was at her house. Oh yeah! I was in Canada, folks! So much fun. Met up with some of the sewcialists there (including Catja, Sara and Katherine- all … Continue reading My Mission (not a) Maxi dress!