New Years Manhattan

I finally got pictures of my second Capital Chic Manhattan. I had the hardest time pairing it with a top in my closet- mental note: make a top to go with this skirt! But then, my daughter, who took the photos, pulled out my Lolita Patterns Olive and while I don't think the pictures do … Continue reading New Years Manhattan

Lolita’s New Pattern: Olive! (shh, it’s a print)

I need to stop being so shocked when I use a print. Lolita Patterns just put out this top. She's called Olive. There are two views, the ruffly, intricate View A, and the wardrobe builder View B. I made a straight size 8 and I like the fit. The side invisible zipper is awesome. I … Continue reading Lolita’s New Pattern: Olive! (shh, it’s a print)