6th Annual Browncoats’ Bash

Leading up to last weekend, all I could think about was my Inara Training House Costume. This post, however, will show you pics from the bash itself and I'll dive into more details of my Inara costume in another post. Don't worry, there are costume pictures in here. This Browncoats' Bash comes just once a … Continue reading 6th Annual Browncoats’ Bash

Inara Training House costume update

I felt the need to compile the pics I've been putting up (dirty mirror selfies, yo!) so that I could have all my Inara costume work all in one place. This is the training house costume. Go see Serenity if you don't remember it or if you've never seen the movie...tho you really should start … Continue reading Inara Training House costume update

River Tam’s Blue Dress and Sewing for Others

I got commissioned to make River Tam's blue dress from Serenity. I can't tell you how exciting this is and while it won't be a replica I'm still going for a couple of identifiable components to the dress. I tried draping the dress with a red organza I had but I scraped it and moved … Continue reading River Tam’s Blue Dress and Sewing for Others