Hummingbird Skirt & Cabarita Top

Some of you already know that I help Steph with shipping Cake Patterns to those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere. It's about time for another big shipment of patterns and I want to show you the Hummingbird skirt (orange view) and one of the new RiFF patterns from Cake, the Cabarita Top. Disclosure: … Continue reading Hummingbird Skirt & Cabarita Top

Only Three Dresses?

This blog was created to keep track of dressses I was making. I hoped to try different looks, cuts, bust darts and so on and eventually find 3 dresses in my closet that I loved. They needed to be comfortable and all in all my go-to dresses. I wanted two to be classics so I … Continue reading Only Three Dresses?

Sewing Dares and a Second Tiramisu Dress!

I've sewn a pattern twice. I mean I love making and re-making wristlets but was a different beast. I usually make costumes or dresses that have a specific purpose, not just to be worn, if that makes sense. So, I got my sewing dare to be a repeat pattern user. My first Tiramisu dress … Continue reading Sewing Dares and a Second Tiramisu Dress!

Sew whatever keeps you sewing!

There's a great dialogue going on among some of the sewing community over the idea that we sews too much frosting. Frosting include garments that don't quite fit in our existing wardrobe, either because they're too elegant for our lifestyle (like my 1912 costume), the print it too much for work (like my Circuit Boards … Continue reading Sew whatever keeps you sewing!