Catch up on the SwimAlong

I hope you're enjoying the technical posts on Katie and my blogs. We're having a great time having guests pop in to talk swimwear aspects. Did you read Sarah's Pro Tips? I hope you've already seen Katie's swimsuit. If you haven't, go take a peek. She look amazeballs. The Bombshell Sewalong is currently in session. … Continue reading Catch up on the SwimAlong

SwimAlong: About Swim Cups

Katie and I have shifted things around just a little bit so we could add in a post about swim cups. Thanks to both Katie and Dixie from DixieDIY for talking a couple of things over with me as I prepped this post. You've noticed that we're pulling a lot of resources from other blog … Continue reading SwimAlong: About Swim Cups

Adding Support to your Swimsuit

Today, we have another special guest. You might have heard me talk about a bra construction book and how awesome it is...well, we've got Norma Loehr, author of Demystifying Bra Fitting and Construction and owner of Orange Lingerie. I started tweeting about my fear of making a bra and it was Norma who talked me … Continue reading Adding Support to your Swimsuit

Swimalong: Flattering a Full Bust

What makes a flattering swimsuit on a fuller bust? It's all in the eye of the beholder. Horizontal stripes, for instance. Some think it makes you look wider. Either I don't care about looking wider or I don't believe it's true. I wear them and I feel good in them. Before I start, let me … Continue reading Swimalong: Flattering a Full Bust

Swimalong Guest: Process Guide for Creating a One of a Kind Suit

Today we have an excellent guest blogger. Most of you know Brooke already but if you don't you really ought to follow her blog and find her on Twitter. Brooke and I met during the 1912 Project last year and since then have stayed in touch. She's got a huge amount of sewing experience. She … Continue reading Swimalong Guest: Process Guide for Creating a One of a Kind Suit

Swimwear Inspiration: Geek Out!

In researching geeky swimwear, most of what I saw didn't appeal to me. I'm not into wearing a bikini and I want to make it myself so the suits that have a specific print on them aren't gonna work for me. Sadly, this Tetris suit will never be mine. Nor will the game controller suit … Continue reading Swimwear Inspiration: Geek Out!

Swimalong Inspiration: Victorian Bathers

Let's go for a timey wimey trip here to the glorious Victorian era. This period comprises a huge range of looks. Wikipedia is going to help us out a bit. Thanks Wikipedia editors. The Victorian era of British history was the period of Queen Victoria's reign from 20 June 1837 until her death on 22 January 1901. It was a … Continue reading Swimalong Inspiration: Victorian Bathers