The Vintagey Hawthorne Dress

I love this dress! Can you tell? I also chose not to overfit the front of the bodice- which meant that I wasn't going to take in the bust- a hard thing to do, I must add, but a thing I have to do as of late just so I don't overfit. Are you into … Continue reading The Vintagey Hawthorne Dress

Wonder Woman Dress

I saw the Veronica Dress in Navy with Red Heart on PUG a couple of weeks ago and my first reaction was that I loved the color combination. I love the pencil skirt on the dress and I love the heart shaped bodice. I fell out of love with the heart in the center of … Continue reading Wonder Woman Dress

Dress Inspiration

I didn't make this dress but I love it! Josh found it while we were walking around Lincoln Square in Chicago. It was in a vintage shop and, drum roll, it fit, off the rack! Well, I do need to shorten the bodice because I have the shortest torso on the face of the earth. … Continue reading Dress Inspiration