Vogue 8825: A Jungly faux wrap dress

I absolutely LOVE this dress. I cut and stitched it up in about 5 hours. The next day, I did a slight adjustment to the bodice (more on that below), and hemmed the sleeves and skirt. If I had been a good sewcialist, I would've googled the pattern, Vogue 8825, to find out that the … Continue reading Vogue 8825: A Jungly faux wrap dress

Vogue Fall 2013…the few I’m liking.

The Big 4 get a lot of criticism when their new patterns come out...as do other bigger pattern companies like Burda, for instance. While I'm not saying I love how these 4 companies do everything nor do I have their back on all their pattern choices, I do want to point out patterns from the … Continue reading Vogue Fall 2013…the few I’m liking.

Vogue Patterns: Summer 2013

There are some Vogue patterns that have caught my attention but not all of them are for me to make. You see, I'm starting to sew with knits more and I'm trying to buy fabric for the kind of garments I like to wear. It's kind of a thing for me now to sew with … Continue reading Vogue Patterns: Summer 2013

The new Vogues are out…the new Vogues are out!!

I'm actually really excited for a couple of reasons. One is that the shorts fitting went so well, I'm actually thinking about making more pants and more shorts and more things that aren't skirts and dresses. Pants are to fitting what ... it's late. Fitting pants is rough. So, after making my first well fitting … Continue reading The new Vogues are out…the new Vogues are out!!

Pink Lace Party Dress

  Remember just a few days ago, I said I was gonna make this dress. I'm glad I went ahead and worked with the pattern I had. I used a mauve lace and underlined it with a navy-ish lining, which is why it kinda looks purple. I did some major reconstruction of the bodice pattern … Continue reading Pink Lace Party Dress

Bodice work #1

I was serious when I said I was going to work in muslins for a year. Basically, I'm going to be taking bodice patterns (cos the skirt pieces rarely give me trouble) and altering them to fit me, without the expectation that I'm making a final product. Last year, I entered the technical world of … Continue reading Bodice work #1

Pattern Purchase from Labor Day Weekend

  Over Labor Day weekend, I had a chance to go to a fabric store that was having a sale on their McCalls patterns. I had been looking online to see what patterns I liked and thus save me time when at the store. I always assume I'm gonna have to be lightening quick- as … Continue reading Pattern Purchase from Labor Day Weekend