Titanic Blouse

After wearing my white blouse with my Titanic costume to C2E2 this Spring, I saw how see-through it is- my slip shows from underneath. This wouldn't really be an issue but I used a lot of the lace I already had on hand so I ended up putting a lace with some brown in it … Continue reading Titanic Blouse

Mantle #0189 Gusset Tutorial

There was some talk about the gussets for Mantle #0189 on the 1912 Titanic Sewing Project Facebook page. Once one of the sewing group participants posted a photo of how the gussets were sewn on her mantle and that's when I finally got it. See, gussets on sleeves don't always go in the same way. This … Continue reading Mantle #0189 Gusset Tutorial

1912 Slip

Here we go with the Vintage Pattern Lending Library's 1912 Project! There are over 400 sewists that are participating. We've been put into groups and are slowly (to us, at least) getting patterns to start working on. There's an awesome Facebook group for the project and it's pretty busy over there. It has seriously become … Continue reading 1912 Slip