Little Red Wristlet

I got the outer fabric from MaLora Ann and I knew right away I needed it to be a wristlet. But since it's For You February, I made one for someone else. There's still enough for a wristie for me. But that will have to wait. Isn't she a cutie? Knowing that this friend is … Continue reading Little Red Wristlet

The Monroe Wristlet

I had to make this one. I'm a big fan of the T.V. show GRIMM and this character, Monroe, who has a secret. He's reformed, you see. He's a good guy. He lives alone, doesn't bother anyone, wears plaid shirts and cozy knit sweaters... He helps the main character of the show, who has the … Continue reading The Monroe Wristlet

Bowties are Cool Wristlet

Instead of holding back and having to keep secrets- I'm terrible at it- I'm gonna share what I'm making for others and either hope the people getting these gifts don't notice my blog or won't guess which gift is for them. So here's my Doctor Who ( 11th Doctor ) wristlet. Like it?

Wristlet Frenzy

Those of you who stalk me on Twitter and Instagram know that I've been dealing with a serious case of bag-making-small bag making to start. I started making Erin's Essential Wristlets and now, after her clear directions and to the point photos, I'm in bag making world. I tried my hand at bag making taking … Continue reading Wristlet Frenzy