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Cosmetics; What Are The Different Skin Types Hoe To Take Care Of Your Skin?

Whether or if you are into makeup or not, one thing you cannot avoid is skincare. The skincare routine is very personalized and cannot be the same for all. Some may have dry skin others may belong to the oily skin type, whereas some have combination or normal skin type. Some are warm-toned if we talk about the skin tone, whereas some belong to the cool skin tone type. Some people may suffer from skin acne, skin texture, blackheads, pimples etc. But one thing that remains constant is that skincare aims at taking care of the skin.

Dry skin –

Dry skin people have very dehydrated, flaky and sometimes itchy skin. This elevates in the winters. So the priority that this skin type needs to have is providing extra hydration and moisture to the skin. Eating proper food and plenty of water keeps the body hydrated, and a healthy body is the first step towards achieving beauty. Next, follow a skin product routine that includes skin serum, essential oils, moisturizer and sunscreen. Never skip the night regime, as it helps to repair your skin the most. Skin serum makes sure to seep deep into the skin to repair it from beneath. A moisturizer and sunscreen lock the moisture and helps you to avoid any sunburn, rashes or redness of the skin.

Oily Skin –

Oily skin people have to battle acne all the time. The skin is prone to pimples and acne because of the accumulation of sweat and excess sebum. These people also have odour issues. The priority for these people should be to keep the skin clean and fresh. Always keep a face mist handy. Use a good foaming face wash and use water-based makeup as well as skincare. Use home remedies to get rid of acne once in a while. One misconception is that oily skin people don’t need moisturizer, always use a moisturizer if you don’t want to worsen your skin condition.

Combination and normal skin type –

Combination skin is when your T zone seems oily, whereas the skin near your lips may seem dry. These people have slightly oily skin in summers and slightly dry skin in the winters. At the same time, normal skin refers to a condition when the skin condition seems apt and may vary only according to seasonal change without any major dryness or sweat problem. These skin types do not need a lot of hassle and face lesser skin hurdles, but it is important to follow a normal CTM that is cleaning, toning, and moisturizing routine to ensure that the skin remains clean, freshly toned with skin texture and soft & supple.

We should keep in mind that the remedies won’t work if you live an unhealthy and careless routine. So eating healthy food, avoiding junk and oily food and exercising daily must have the best skin care effects.   

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