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Oxidized Silver Jewellery: The New Entry In The Fashion Industry

There are hoards of jewellery in the market to choose from, gold, silver, platinum, or bronze. Jewellery is like the spices in food that add instant colour, taste, and a unique style. One can never go wrong with a pair of earrings. They could be trendy or classic. Knowing about your jewellery is necessary before buying something for yourself or your loved ones.

Know The Metals: 

A variety of metals play a role in creating the jewellery that you love and desire. Let’s name a few:

    • Aluminum: it is lightweight and is used to make large items like bracelets or cuffs.
    • Brass: An alloy of copper and zinc. It has a pretty gold colour and is durable.
    • Bronze: It is an alloy of multiple metals like copper, zinc, and tin. It has a brown shade and works the best for detailed work.
    • Copper: It is the artisan’s metal and is one of the most practical choices.
    • Gold: The most versatile metal due to its malleability and ductility. It is one of the most expensive metals to be found.
    • Silver: It is a beautiful white metal that finds its use in jewellery making.
    • Platinum: The best option for fine jewellery and engagement rings as it does not tarnish. It is a rare metal.
    • Titanium: Another desirable metal that is durable and affordable and resists tarnishing.
    • With all these metals around, there is a new kind of jewellery making rounds in the market. For its versatility and the ability to look good with anything, oxidized silver is the name on everyone’s tongue.

What Is Oxidized Silver?

In this, a silver piece is exposed to sulfur to achieve a tarnished and rustic look.

Why Should You Have Oxidized Silver in your Jewelry set:

    • One does not need to worry about tarnishing the piece as it is rusty already. With use, it only adds beauty to the item.
    • It gives a vintage and tribal look to the entire outfit. It adds an old charm and reflects various cultures.
    • Oxidized silver lowers the shine of silver and allows the gems or other colours to play around. Therefore, adding more elements to the jewellery piece.
    • It is affordable and can easily be used to transform the outfit to match the occasion.
    • It offers a new look in the world of silver and gold.

Maintaining The Jewelry:

Store the jewellery in a box away from sunlight and fluorescent lights. If not regularly used, store them in air-tight containers over soft cotton. Never use a tarnish remover as it will damage the jewellery, only use the cloth for gentle cleaning. Keep the jewellery away from warm water. Avoid coming in contact with perfume or other skin products. Wear the jewellery only when the perfume you used dries.

An easy way to clean the jewellery is to use white toothpaste or baking powder to clean.

Present Day Picture

There are various designs and textures available in oxidized bangles, pendants, neckpieces, rings, anklets, nose pins to be used. So, in the end, we do know that the trend of oxidized silver is here to stay.

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