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Fashion And Beauty; Is Fashion And Makeup Only The Arena Of Women?

Who is not aware of the term fashion nowadays. Fashion is ruling the world and every day there is a new trend. Fashion and beauty norms are varied over regions, culture and history. Returning to history, fashion for women was all about enhancing the feminine characters by wearing corsets to showcase a slender body that enhances a women’s curve. Women were expected to be submissive, and the same had to be depicted in the appearance. The hourglass figure was always in demand. But these beauty standards are no more relevant today. Fashion is more about comfort and experimenting.

Unisex fashion –  

Fashion has become a priority for both genders equally. Makeup and styling are not only women’s arena; many men makeup artists today are blowing the internet with their styling and makeup talent. Today shoes, clothes, bags, accessories have moved towards being unisex, which means suitable products for both men and women. Fashion has become all about breaking the rules and norms that restrict one to represent one style with boldness. 

Some of the unisex fashion examples –

    • Wide pants – It was not long ago when women were expected to wear only skin-tight and fitting jeans, and wide pants were left for the men, but today, wide-leg pants have become the new trend in women’s fashion. The wide leg is popular among both men and women.
    • Denim jackets – Denim jackets have always been in trend and demand among both men and women. They give a cool, casual and easy look.
    • Oversized T-shirts and hoodies – Oversized tee and hoodies have become very popular among women. They do not need to stick to tight lacy tops all the time. These oversized hoodies look sassy, so if you can surely wear your partner’s tee as an oversized t-shirt and slay the day.
    • Shoes – Unisex sneakers have become very popular, so if you and your partner wear the same sized footwear. Unisex shoes are the best option for you, if you are feeling sporty, you could also rock some riedell roller skates 
    • Fitness watch – fitness watches are becoming very popular among the young generation who want to look fit and good all the time. They can be worn by anyone and has no gender distinction.

These measures have helped break a lot of restrictions both for the men and women to depict the formula of my body my choice without judgement. Fashion is a changing phenomenon where some people choose the new norms the old classic fashion form is also reappearing in different cultures. So what may be in trend today won’t be seen next year. Social media has helped in evolving fashion and trends to a great extent.

Tradition and culture –

Fashion has helped to promote traditions, cultures by portraying history through traditional clothes and accessories. This helps people to know each other’s culture and enjoy their uniqueness. People belonging to different regions, languages, religions, communities, and cultures celebrate their individuality through fashion and styling. Traditional clothing has an essence and grace of its own.

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