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The digital world has already come. There was a time when cloth designers used to design clothing, and graphic designers design characters’ dresses in animated movies, films, cartoons, and games. 

But the gap between the two has been closing ever since. Nowadays, anything that you can design can be sold if people are interested in the same. A designer sold a ‘designed digital house’ for over 5 million dollars just some weeks ago. 

Yes. 5 million dollars. The question arises as to if the digital world or the world of pixels is as real as the world we can see, feel and touch. The answer is obviously yes because of the speed that we are growing in technology with the invention of A. I and V.R., surprisingly, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that in the next 50 years or so, fashion would become such a broad industry that it would compete with silicon valley. 

Changes that are already here:-

As mentioned above about the digital home that was sold for over 5 million, there are countless other cases that we see every day that are somehow leaving us to the world in a Black mirror. (Okay, you shouldn’t worry that much!) 

There are already cases of digital showrooms present on the internet, and software where it segregates your design and makes it available in the form of a showroom is now available online. Many fashion enthusiasts are now opting for the same.  

Apart from online showrooms, we also have A. I models that are available to display your fashion ideas in the best way. (Now does it feel something like a Black mirror?.. okay, this was the last one!) Apart from A.I., we have also seen robot models flaunting their robes and jilbabs in Dubai. 

Can we go in deeper virtually?

To go more to the S.A.O. side, anime lovers would know what it is like to be in a virtual world. It isn’t even that far away. TommyxZendaya in New York has already been working and has rolled out an option for a completely virtual store.  

And by saying completely virtual, it just likes diving into it physically. You can walk in the store and try on clothes and shop virtually just like you can in the real world. This also means that it be very efficient and people would not even hesitate to buy the dresses as they can wear them online and see how they look.

And yes, apart from digital showrooms, digital models, digital designs, and digital clothes, we also have so many digital influencers like Miquela, who is A. I and yet is one the queens of social media influencers. You might have even scrolled past posts from her posts and not even realize that she was even real. 

Now answer this, what is reality?

To the extent to which this would go on with the rise of new technologies in the future, one can only wonder what the fashion industry would look like In the next 100 years.

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